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Tini Martini Kit

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Tini Martini Kit makes a great gift for that special someone who has it all, and it’s a fantastic way to mix two mini martinis for you and a friend. 

Kit includes:
(2) Stainless Olive Martini shooter shot glasses: Sexy, stylish and stainless steel. This double olive martini glass is great for serving drinks and shots. These shooters will go great for your next party. These beautifully detailed martini style shot glasses are adorned with glass olives and red textured pimentos.

(1) 8 oz stainless 3-piece cocktail shaker: This mini shaker is perfect for individual martini’s. It measures 8oz to the brim with built in strainer.

(1) “Tini” Purse: designed for the woman that knows how she likes her martinis! This leather handled canvas purse with our embroidered logo reads Tini Purse, and it has inside pockets!

*Conveniently gift boxed. 

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